Welcome to Elsewhere Designs; a place where children's educational products are designed with both parents and child in mind. 

Each original product is a tool to help your child learn. Whether it be the alphabet, numbers or even the days of the week, our products are designed with a modern aesthetic to integrate seamlessly into the modern home. Learning happens every day in multiple surroundings, so it's important to immerse your child in fun learning activities which help them grow, in the environment they spend most of their time.  Through the use of our products, we hope to demonstrate that parents and teachers can be partners in learning. After all, parents are children's first and life-long teachers. 

A bit about me

I’ve had a great interest in graphic design for as long as I can remember... 

From illustrating my own party invitations as a teenager, to designing wedding and birthday invitations for friends on the side; designing was my creative outlet. Separate to my love of design - I’ve always enjoyed working with children. From babysitting to tutoring primary school children, I developed a love for teaching. This motivated me to start an online degree in primary teaching to fit in with full-time work within the advertising field. While studying, I have learnt many valuable tips that I truly feel parents would benefit from. After receiving positive feedback on these tips, I was inspired to create my own suite of educational products. 

What's your philosophy?

I wanted to provide children with more opportunities to learn. Children have curious little minds and I want to help kickstart their love for learning in an environment they feel the safest, their home. Dr Seuss said it best "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go!”

What’s with the name?

Let’s start with the logo. From the golden arches of McDonalds to the Nike tick. I always believed that the best logos are the simplest ones. They tend to be more memorable and therefore invite consumers to learn more about the brand. So let me tell you about mine. 

I’m Jacqui from Elsewhere Designs, but you can call us ‘ed.’ Firstly, it’s an acronym for ‘Elsewhere Designs’. I chose the name ‘Elsewhere’ because I wanted my brand to convey that it was unique and I hope that our designs reinvent what is traditionally considered to be educational products. Secondly, I designed it to have a full point after the ‘d’, so that it was also an abbreviation of ‘education’, which is at the heart of all my products.